OZConsulting has a uniquely broad and diversified experience in developing Value across ecosystems, both in a public and in a private environment. We rely on a network of senior Executives and Experts that makes it happen day after day whether for a strategic or an operational objective. OZConsulting guarantees Business Creativity and Operational Excellence to your long term future.

An expert team led by Dr. Thierry C. Vermeeren, an experienced CIO and Board Member as well as a University Professor.

A large number of references in various types of sectors and institutions, both in a profit and non-profit environment (with a specific focus on HealthCare Business Development and Change Management).

A set of recognized Frameworks, Tools and Methods originated from IT and customized to organizational dynamics together with an exclusive senior expertise is our answer to complexity: start-up, accelerated development and growth of activities, implementation of a new strategy, new product or service launch, restructuring, M&A, and other relevant evolutions.


Février 2015 - Parution des livres blancs consacrés aux méthodes de calcul du ROI et à l'accréditation des hôpitaux

02.03.2015 - La technologie et la formation initiale et continuée des médecins et du personnel - Réunion du User.Net

20.04.2015 - L’informatisation du Quartier Opératoire - Réunion du User.Net

18.05.2015 - La consolidation de l’offre de service "Dossier Patient Informatisé" en Belgique - Réunion du User.Net

15.06.2015 - « Partner Day »