Our Services

A leader in digital health since 2008

We are a consulting company specialized in digital transformation of the healthcare sector; active in Belgium, Europe, Canada and China since 2018

Operating on a network of experts model, we can put more than 35 senior experts at your disposal for strategic or operational assignments from our three locations (Andenne, Paris and Singapore).

With OZConsulting you benefit from an exceptional knowledge base in the health sector:

  • More than 60 white papers
  • Proceedings of 12 international symposia
  • Proceedings of hundreds of hours of decision-maker workshops
  • Access to the EM2C Institute’s materials
  • Access to the 150SoH knowledge base
  • YouTube channel e-Health


We help management to determine the general direction they are going to give their organisation or company. This involves taking a holistic view and examining the allocation of scarce resources. We draw on our extensive methodological skills and intimate knowledge of the healthcare sector.


Operational consultants work on strategic projects to determine how to extract the most value from them (e.g. how to extract more value from a CIO or a reorganisation). The consultants then work to ensure that this expected value emerges.

OZCONSULTING has recognised expertise in strategic consulting, IT, medical or hospital innovation and change management.

This expertise is based on a methodology dedicated to medical IT and organisation, informed by the standards in force.