Operational Services

Operational consultants work on strategic projects to determine how to extract the most value from them (e.g. how to extract more value from a CIO or a reorganisation). The consultants then work to ensure that this expected value emerges.

Change management

Apply a systematic approach to transitions and transformations to control change and help people adapt to it

Programme management

Ensure the achievement of the organisation’s strategic objectives through the coordination of multiple project activities

Project management

Apply the methods, knowledge and experience required to achieve the specific project objectives in accordance with the quality criteria

Audit of information systems

Reviewing and assessing the organisation’s information systems infrastructure, policies and operations

Computerised patient file

Maximise the value created for the organisation, carers and patients by the centralised implementation of an electronic patient record

Selection and implementation of solutions

Provide an informed, realistic and supplier-independent approach to achieve immediate results and long-term success